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The anomaly, Young Athena, has a huge soulful voice that effortlessly transports you back to the Etta James and Ella Fitzgerald era, transitioning back to rapid fire raps and then smoothly delivering a Cardi B and Drake mashup she calls ‘Bodak Bling’. She is gifted with the confidence and talent to mix soul with grime and jazzy vocals, Drill with sweet R&B melodies blended with a bit of Dancehall and Hip Hop for good measure.

Raised by a mother that sang Opera music and a father that rapped over hardcore Hip Hop beats, Young Athena’s up bringing was in a household without music genre boundaries. This is where her diversity comes from and one of the driving forces that makes her the anomaly she is.


At the age of 12 she wrote and produced ‘Be Who You Are’, her first track on SoundCloud, a self-aware conscious track broadcast on a number of Internet radio stations, following up with ‘On Fleek’, an upbeat R&B Grime dance anthem for her peers which turned her into a local celebrity and had A&R’s arguing over who’s going to sign her.

Young Athena’s musical influences come from social issues, teenage love, coming of age hurdles, internet memes, learning about herself, Instagram and Snapchat gossip, boys, girls talk, hairstyles and everything about being a young teen growing up in London. She is inspired by Etta James, Beyoncé, Ms Banks, Solange and Queen to name a few.


Full 2022 Live Performances

Sun, 5 Jun

The Musique Jubilee Showcase

Crate St, James Street, E17 7FY. (6PM)

Sun, 10 July


Cambridge. (2PM)

Fri, 15 July

The Empowerment Showcase

Boston Arms Music Room, N19 5QQ. (6PM)